Arbor Day

Another video (should have posted this two days ago!) from a Disney Parks Blog article. Check this out in honor of Arbor Day:

Check out the article in which it was included: Link to article!

There are over 17,000 trees at the Disneyland Resort. Crazy! The arborists have been doing nice things for the past 18 years in honor of Arbor Day.

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Reducing Energy Consumption

Disney Parks just posted this video on YouTube about their efforts to reduce energy consumption. It’s somewhat credible…

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Disney Earth Day Challenge

About two weeks ago,  Disney posted a video of employees sharing what they pledged to do for Earth Day to help the environment from 2010.

Here’s the video:

So here are some of the things Disney Parks Blog suggest we do from now on to make our everyday lives more sustainable:

1. Raise thermostats by 2 degrees in the summer and lower by 2 degrees in the winter.

2. Use reusable shopping bags (try canvas) as well as reusable utensils and water bottles.

3. Eat seafood that is farmed or sustainably caught.

4. Recycle anything and everything you possibly can.

5. Use fewer pesticides and fertilizers.

6. Install low-flow shower heads and turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth!

Source: Disney Parks Blog

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Happy Earth Month!

Check out this amazing Earth Day video by Disney Parks.

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Shanghai Disneyland is a Go!!!!

I meant to post this a while ago, because I am STOKED.

Disney recently (as in the 8th of April) broke ground on the new Shanghai Disneyland Resort, set to open in 2015/2016. The park is Disney’s first venture into mainland China and the park is the be “authentically Disney, yet distinctly Chinese.” It will include the theme park as well as two hotels, and Downtown Disney shopping district area,  recreational facilities, a lake, and transportation to the resort’s many features.

Shanghai Disneyland aerial shot

A conceptual design of how Shanghai Disneyland will look like.

Not included in the new park model is Main Street, U.S.A. Main Street is a staple of American culture and would have no significant meaning to the Chinese, rendering it unnecessary. Instead, a beautiful 11 acres of green space and water will be featured in front of the castle, which will be dubbed Storybook Castle and will be the largest and most unique of all of the castles, hosting a throng of entertainment and dining options. Primarily, however, the park will reinforce the theme of sustainability and nature on its grounds.

Shanghai Disneyland castle view

The castle at the Shanghai park. Supposed to be bigger and better than any built to date.

Disneyland Paris was thought to be the most beautiful Disney park yet when it opened in 1992, but had six hotels for only one park, producing a giant financial mess. Hong Kong still under performs due to its lack of major attractions in just four lands. Shanghai’s resort seems to be set up for success at least environmentally.

Shanghai Disneyland concept design

A conceptual design for the Magic Kingdom of the park. Different setup than usual, with a bigger focus on nature, and no Main Street.

Photos copyright of Disney


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Disney Cruise Line Environmental Initiatives

The Disney Cruise Line reports these initiatives:

  • Environmental leaders with previous maritime experience are focused on fuel efficiency, minimizing waste and promoting conservation of water, ecosystems and energy, plus monitoring water quality.
  • All Disney ships have 100% non-toxic hull coating. This reduces surface resistance in open water.
  • Over 1.200 tons of metal, plastic and paper are recycled each year.
  • New technologies aboard the Disney Dream determine accurate energy management to maximize HVAC systems. Private staterooms self-adjust when empty and go back to the guest’s preferences upon their return.
  • Shore-side Plug-in on both the Disney Dream and Disney Wonder can plug into shore power sources when docked to reduce air emmissions while in port. The Wonder was among the first to plug into the Port of Lost Angeles.
  • Researchers at the Disney private island Castaway Cay are invested in a project to restore coral reefs of the Bahamas to better health through a study of long-spined sea urchins native to the area.
  • Crew and cast members have donated over 4500 hours in the communities of Disney’s home ports. They give back to local nonprofit organizations and host fundraisers to spread awareness for conservation programs as well as shore cleanups that have eliminated 31000 pounds of trash from beaches and waterways.


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Disney Cruise Line – Honoring Environmental Champs

Disney’s Planet Challenge is an environmental challenge program sponsored through a relationship Disney Cruise Line and the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, Department of Education, and Department of the Environment. Over 1.5 million students have taken the challenge worldwide. The challenge consists of two parts. The first is an environmental pledge, and the second is a class project competition.

To celebrate Earth Month, Disney Cruise Line is honoring students from Cayman Prep & High School for winning this year’s Planet Challenge, in further efforts to spread activism about “positive environmental stewardship.” The class worked to protect the swallowtail butterfly (native solely to the Cayman Islands) and planted lime trees, which provide food and shelter to the butterflies. There was an award ceremony with medals and the kids got to spend a day on board the Disney Magic ship.

Stay tuned for my next post about other Disney Cruise Line environmental initiatives.

“Cruise Line Kicks Off Earth Month”

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